Quality KN95 5-Layer Protective Face Masks ($1.30 - $1.75/unit) - use dropdown for volume discounts

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Quality KN-95 5-Layer Particulate Face Masks

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KN95 Protective 5-layer Face Masks (separately wrapped in sets of 2)

These Five-Layer KN95 Masks Feature: 

  • Protects Against Inhalation of Fine Particulates and Airborne Hazards
  • Flexible Padded Nosepiece for Comfort and Snug Fit Around Nose and Mouth
  • No Exhalation Valves (protects others from exhale of wearer)
  • Non-woven Hypoallergenic Fabric Suitable for Sensitive Skin

5-Layer Protection:

1st Layer (Surface): Waterproof Non-Woven

2nd Layer: Antibacterial Melt-Blown Cloth

3rd Layer: Hot Air Cotton

4th Layer: Antibacterial Melt-Blown Cloth

5th Layer (Innermost): Skin-Friendly Non-Woven


This product is not a medical device.

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